Mizpah United Methodist Church in Walkerton, VA
installed a new sidewalk in October, 2005

General cleanup and maintenance were also completed.

The church purchased the building materials while church members
  • Jim Smith provided the design drawings/plans
  • Ryan Kelly provided the equipment and labor

to build the beautiful new sidewalk from the back to the front door of the church. 

As the photos above shows the final product is a great addition to this historic building and its grounds.

General cleanup was performed on the church and yard by the congregation.  Mizpah thanks Jimmy Poates for the truckload of mulch he donated and delivered for the yard cleanup.

Five damaged/diseased trees were cut and the debris was removed from the church grounds over the summer months.  A stump grinder was rented to remove the stumps.  Jim Smith, Russell Hixson, Andrew Smith and Jason Hixson provided the labor to complete these tasks.